The most special and celebrated occasion and this hamper is the perfect gift for your family, friends, neighbours or work colleagues.  This luxury yet affordable hamper has many gifts enclosed.  The Eid Mubarak inscribed box (in gold or silver) is full of either your favourite sweets or delicious dates! You can choose a gorgeous gift bag with delightful dates or scrumptious sweets.  In addition, a classic jar crammed full of your favourite sweets! Also included is a choice of stunning tasbeh (prayer beads) in gorgeous grey or emerald green or choose a stunning jasmine scented candle adds to the theme of this hamper.  We also have added several decorative metallic moons that adds to the Eid celebration.  They are all enclosed in our luxury silver keepsake silver ribbon hamper box with magnetic closing.

(Dates are a combination of the most popular Saudi varieties including khudri, sofri, safawi and sultan)

(Sugar free options available for additional £2- please contact us before ordering)

Eid Hamper