V - Suitable for vegetarians

H - Halal Certified

GF - Gluten Free

Sour Apples

Fizzy Cola Bottles

Sour Snakes

Fizzy Mini Tongues

Fizzy Watermelon Bottles

Mini Strawberry Hearts

Fizzy Twin Cherries

Twin Cherries

Tutti Fruitty Bottles

Mixed Berries (H)

Fizzy Bananas (H)

Large Jelly Foam Hearts (H)

Fizzy Tutti Fruity Bottles (H)

Mini Magic Mushrooms (H)

Jelly Dolphins (H)

Mini Jelly Babies (H)

Foam Strawberries (H)

Bubblegum Bottles (H, GF)

Jelly Stars (V)

Jelly Fangs (V)

Peach Hearts (H)

Fizzy Fangs (V)

new jelly beans

Jelly Beans (V,GF)

Giant Strawberries (V,GF)

Gummy Bears (H,GF)

Mini Fizzy Strawberries (H,GF)


Cherry Bottles (H,GF)

Little Teeth (H,GF)

Cola Bottles (H,GF)

Blue Raspberry Bottles (H,GF)

Fizzy Gummy Bears (H,GF)

Micro Marshmallows (H,GF)

Mini Marshmallows (H,GF)

Marshmallows (H,GF)

Fizzy Rings (H,GF)

Rainbow Belts (H,)

Bubblegum Balls (H,GF)

Strawberry Puffs - H, GF

Fried Eggs - H, GF

Fizzy Cherry Bottles - V

Jelly Frogs - GF, H

About Us 


Based in Essex, United Kingdom we are a sweet company that provides for the vegetarian, halal and gluten free markets along with Britain's favourite treats.

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Jelly Dolphins (H)