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The Sweet Path have gone from strength to strength, from supporting national events and charities, to providing a customised service to individuals for their special occasions, whether a birthday party, bridal shower or for festive occasions .

We are unique in what we offer, and not only provide everyone's favourite halal,jelly sweets; we also provide an extensive range of the top retro sweets.

We have extended our range of sweets to include sweets that are suitable for not only vegetarians, but vegans too, and a limited range of sugar free sweets.

The Sweet Path has made an impact on the sweet gift industry in a short space of time, but remains competitively priced for their valued customers.  Although as a company we are relatively new, we have over 25 years experience of being involved in the Confectionery  industry.

We pride ourselves on giving the highest customer service and always welcome feedback from all our customers.

About Us 


Based in Essex, United Kingdom we are a sweet company that provides for the vegetarian, halal and gluten free markets along with Britain's favourite treats.

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